Every Two Minutes, a Woman Dies During Pregnancy or Childbirth

Since UNFPA started working in 1969, the number – and rate – of women dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth has been cut in half.

Yet 830 women still die every day from entirely preventable causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. This is about one woman every two minutes.

UNFPA promotes safe motherhood everywhere. By training healthcare professionals, supporting emergency obstetric care, and providing necessary equipment and resources no matter the circumstances, UNFPA strives to end all preventable maternal deaths by 2030.


die every day from preventable causes during pregnancy or childbirth

1 MillionBabies

safely delivered in humanitarian and fragile settings

73,500Maternal deaths

averted thanks to UNFPA-supplied contraception in 2018

UNFPA's Safe Motherhood Programs

No woman should die while giving life. UNFPA works around the world ensuring that women have the care and resources they need to survive pregnancy and childbirth.


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