Millions Lack Access to Family Planning

Family planning allows women to reach their full potential and is key to reducing poverty.

About 218,000,000 women around the world who want to avoid pregnancy are not using safe and effective family planning methods, for reasons ranging from lack of access to lack of support from their partners or communities.

UNFPA increases access to family planning and reduces barriers to the use of contraceptives. Through global partnerships, UNFPA ensures a reliable supply of contraceptives even during humanitarian emergencies. UNFPA programs also integrate family planning services into primary health care so that women can easily access information and contraceptives.

9 %of Women

who want to prevent or delay pregnancy are not using contraception

One ThirdOf preventable

maternal deaths could be eliminated by providing access to family planning

14 MillionUnsafe abortions

averted thanks to family planning services and supplies provided by UNFPA in 2019

UNFPA’s Family Planning Programs

Family planning allows women to determine their own futures and is key to reducing poverty. See the impact of UNFPA’s work.



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