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On the Brink of Famine in the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

In the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, women and girls shoulder the greatest burden. They are more likely to have become migrants. They are caregivers for COVID-19 patients. Women and girls are at greater risk of violence, including child marriage. And, they are less and less able to get the care they need. And...

Gender Equality, No Matter What

What is gender equality?  Gender equality is when men, women, and those identifying as other genders have the same opportunities, rights, and responsibilities. However, the world we live in today does not offer the same chances to women and non-binary people as it does to men. The degree of this inequality varies and is often a result...

5 Things to Know About the Emergency in Tigray

Tigray is a region in northern Ethiopia that sits between the country of Eritrea to the north and the Amhara region to the south. Since November 2020, conflict has been unfolding in Ethiopia between the national government in Addis Ababa and the regional government of Tigray. Friends of UNFPA and UNFPA participated in a panel with the...

Two kits for Mother’s Day: the lifesaving power of UNFPA emergency birthing kits and mama kits

Every day, mothers around the world make sacrifices -from juggling a difficult career to migrating to a new country– so their children can have safer, healthier lives. But even becoming a mother is dangerous.  Today, 808 women die every day from preventable causes during pregnancy and childbirth. 86% of those women live in Sub-Saharan...

UNFPA Around the World: Washington D.C.

Friends of UNFPA Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Seller, spoke with UNFPA Washington D.C. Director, Sarah Craven, about the joy of supporting sexual and reproductive health, the challenges of funding this essential work, and what U.S. support for UNFPA means for women and girls. You can watch the full...