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Women and Girls at Risk in Ukraine Emergency

Numbers as of April 6, 2022 UNFPA is deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine. Over 10 million people – roughly a quarter of the Ukrainian population – have fled their homes. Nearly 6.5 million are forcibly displaced within Ukraine, over 4.2 million, mostly women and children, have...

From California to Ukraine: Empowering Women and Girls

Girls’ Power Association (GPA) of Santa Monica College has partnered with Friends of UNFPA to deliver lifesaving sexual and reproductive care to women and girls in Ukraine.  GPA is a club that pursues women’s freedom, fairness, and rights and works to eliminate discrimination and sexual harassment in school...
Stories From the Field

UNFPA and WFP join forces to meet soaring reproductive health and nutrition needs in southern Madagascar

AMBOASARY/GRAND SUD, Madagascar – Just weeks away from delivering her fifth child, Homoroe Haova, 33, looked down at her stomach and smiled, reassured she could give birth safely as well as feed her children in the coming weeks. Homoroe was among 800 women who had waited in line all...

Safe and Sound in Zaatari Camp for Syrian Refugees 

Every soon-to-be mom wants her birth to be smooth and for her and the baby to be healthy. But for women whose lives have been thrown into disarray by a refugee crisis, the questions become more fundamental. Where will I be when I go into labor? How long...
Stories From the Field

Ukrainian refugees build new lives far from home

MEDYKA, Poland Ivanna was four months pregnant when she and her two children fled their home. She left behind everything she knew in Ukraine, including where to access maternal health care. She also left behind her 65-year-old father, who wished to stay. Their destination was Antwerp, Belgium, where...

Free maternal health services are a lifeline to expectant mothers in Yemen

On her way to the health center to give birth, Hailah almost fell off the back of a borrowed motorbike – twice. An oil shortage has led to high transportation costs. Her husband, Hamid, works in Saudi Arabia, but only makes a small income. That is how Hailah...