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What You Didn't Know About Teenage Pregnancy

*Please be advised that this article contains information on sexual and physical abuse toward children.  Every day, at least 20,000 girls give birth and every year, 12 million girls around the world become mothers. Most of these girls live in lower and middle-income countries. These girls are not irresponsible and becoming...

Mobile clinics treat reproductive cancers in along Ukraine’s contact line

POPASNA, Ukraine – “I just hope it’s not cancer,” Valentina, 71, thought. She was visiting a UNFPA mobile clinic in Ukraine last year. She had been suffering intense pain in her pelvic area for a long time. But because her rural village in Ukraine lacked medical specialists, like gynecologists,...

The Power of your Contribution during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed numerous vulnerabilities in health care systems around the world. We have seen how our most vulnerable populations are left behind, how reliance on international manufacturers has limited the supply of all sorts of goods, including essential contraceptives, how misinformation can affect the containment of a public health crisis, and what...

Friends of UNFPA Statement on the Outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Friends of UNFPA congratulates Joe Biden on winning the 2020 election for the U.S. Presidency. In particular, Friends of UNFPA welcomes the Biden-Harris campaign pledge to restore U.S. Government funding for UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency. The restoration of funding to UNFPA is part of the Biden/Harris plan to end violence against...

Midwives on the front lines working to reverse Afghanistan’s high maternal death rate

SHAHRISTAN, Afghanistan – “It was midnight on 6 August when there was a loud knocking at my front door. My husband answered. A person stood in the dark, asking for my help. “A baby was being born,” Shirin described to UNFPA. It was the start of Shirin’s greatest challenge...