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Midwives on the front lines working to reverse Afghanistan’s high maternal death rate

SHAHRISTAN, Afghanistan – “It was midnight on 6 August when there was a loud knocking at my front door. My husband answered. A person stood in the dark, asking for my help. “A baby was being born,” Shirin described to UNFPA. It was the start of Shirin’s greatest challenge...

Reproductive health centers resume life-saving services in Yemen, but funding remains scarce

SANA’A, Yemen – In mid-May, just as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Yemen. But, funding for UNFPA’s life-saving reproductive health services dried up. Lack of funds forced UNFPA to suspend reproductive health care in 140 out of 180 health facilities. The consequences have been catastrophic, particularly for pregnant women...

The Recent History of U.S. Funding for UNFPA

More than 50 years ago, the United States was a driving force behind the creation of UNFPA, the United Nations reproductive health and rights agency. For decades, the U.S. was one of the largest contributors to UNFPA programs that help women have healthy pregnancies and safe births, enable couples...

What we learn by listening to girls

UNITED NATIONS, New York – On the International Day of the Girl Child, UNFPA, activists, and organizations around the world shine a spotlight on the rights, needs,  vulnerabilities, contributions, and potential of girls everywhere. The theme for the day is “My Voice, Our Equal Future”. Girls’ voices are often...

Three things you need to know about contraceptives and COVID-19

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Six decades ago, the first oral contraceptive pill was introduced. Oral contraceptives – and other modern, reliable family planning supplies – have since been globally recognized as essential medicines. Family planning supplies empower women and girls to take ownership of their health and futures. Further,...