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Women and Girls Are Still Being Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic: How You Can Give Hope This Holiday Season

We’re coming into the second winter of the COVID-19 pandemic and, despite some uncertainty with breakthrough cases and the new Omicron variant, things are looking up.  The majority of Americans, including kids, have been vaccinated. You may have even received a booster shot. Drugs to treat COVID-19, in addition to preventing it like vaccines do, are expected to be available...

The Uneven Consequences of Climate Change: COP26, Women, Girls, and the Costs of Inaction

Climate change multiplies existing inequalities and hits people facing the greatest challenges hardest. In many, many cases, this means women and girls.   At COP26, leaders and activists from around the world gathered together to find a way to limit the worst effects of climate change, including for women and girls. Their...

Turning Cold: The Impact of Winter Weather on Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights

When you think of places like Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq, you might picture expansive deserts and a burning sun. But in reality, much of these countries are mountainous and can become bitterly cold in the winter months.   The change in seasons is especially harmful to migrants and refugee communities, who may live in flimsy housing, if they have...
Stories From the Field

Supporting safe birth amid deteriorating situation in Afghanistan

DAIKUNDI, Afghanistan  The delivery of reproductive health services, including safe birth, was seriously affected by the worsening situation in Afghanistan. Najaba, 36, experienced firsthand how the dangers of pregnancy collided with rising insecurity. A mother of four from Zaradnay Village, Najaba visited the district hospital just before her...

The Democratic Republic of Congo, No Matter What

This article contains stories of sexual assault, including toward children. Please take care when reading. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a massive country with incredible natural resources. But, centuries of exploitation, near-constant disease outbreaks, and chronic violence have left the country in a fragile state. Today, UNFPA provides women and...