Family planning gives women options.

Family planning gives women options. From choosing when to have children to the spacing between each child, family planning allows women to become mothers on their own terms.

Here are some fast facts on family planning:

A recent study has found that as many as one in four women accessing sexual and reproductive healthcare services say they are not allowed to take control of their own reproductive lives.

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In the Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan, the number of teen pregnancies has dropped to just 10 percent after 5 years of sexuality and reproductive health education programs.

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33 percent of governments in more developed countries consider fertility to be too low and are pursuing policies to increase it.

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In at least one country, people have tried using the stiff plastic wrapper of a freezer pop as a condom replacement, potentially leading to genital lacerations.

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In Afghanistan, women have a 1 in 52 chance of dying from pregnancy-related causes, according to UNFPA.

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Through programs around the world, UNFPA empowers women to determine if and when to have children.