Past American Honorees

Each year, Friends of UNFPA (formerly Americans for UNFPA) honors Americans for their dedication and perseverance to promoting the health and/or rights of women. Many of our honorees are trail blazers or mentors, women who were the first one through the door and made sure that others followed. All use their success to make the world a better place for women everywhere business initiatives, philanthropic endeavors or political action. These individuals see themselves as part of a common humanity in which the actions of one women (or man) make a difference to all women.

Rather than be overwhelmed by the problems women face in most of the world, our honorees confront them. Rather than thinking the problems are too big, they choose one challenge and apply their expertise. Our honorees don’t see victims of poverty, HIV or violence. They see women who lack partners to help them change the world.

We hope that other Americans will be inspired by these extraordinary people and be inspired to make changes in their own lives, as well.

2010 American Honorees:

Teresa HeinzPatricia Fili-KrushelChristy Turlington Burns

2009 American Honorees:

Laura KlaubergCongresswoman Nita LoweyMary Lake Polan

2008 American Honorees:

Beth ComstockKathy MatsuiMargia McGlynnBridgette Heller

2007 American Honorees:

Wendy Cai LeeHonorable Carolyn MaloneyMaria Rodale

2006 American Honorees:

Bylle AveryRita FoleyConnie Duckworth