Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, GE

Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at GE, leads the company’s commercial, innovation and growth efforts. She promotes environmental and consumer health worldwide and is committed to deliver health care resources in innovative ways around the world.

Comstock’s father is a retired dentist and she originally intended to study medicine. While her career took a different turn, Comstock remains driven by a desire to affect social change, particularly as it relates to the quality of women’s health and economic freedom. The women in Comstock’s family pursued independence for themselves and inspired her to do the same for her own daughters and women in general.

GE invests significant funds in its Developing Health Globally program which impacts women’s health in rural African communities and has expanded into Latin America and Southeast Asia. In 2004, GE invested $20 million to build the basic infrastructure of public hospitals in Ghana. The company has since committed $30 million to upgrade 11 additional facilities over the next five years. GE is also deeply invested in girls’ education and microlending programs that ensure the economic viability of women worldwide.

Comstock values GE’s role in connecting better health care with stronger economies as well as her own ability to make sure women get the health care they need and deserve.