Managing Director and Chief Japan Strategist, Goldman Sachs

Kathy Matsui, Managing Director and Chief Japan Strategist for Goldman Sachs, urges investors to see the economic potential of all the world’s women. Her ground-breaking 1999 research report, “Womenomics,” made the case that investing in women is the key to creating stronger economies and will lead to a more equitable global society.

Matsui was raised in rural Salinas, California, by a mother and father who – as immigrants from Japan with a high school education – worked to become the largest growers of potted orchids in the U.S.

She has been ranked top strategist in Japan multiple times by Institutional Investor, yet her career fulfills a deeper intention to strengthen ties between nations, foster development, and empower women. In addition to mentoring female colleagues at Goldman Sachs, Matsui co-manages offices from Tokyo to Mumbai and has advised Japanese policymakers on long-term economic strategies.

Matsui strongly believes that women’s education is the best investment our generation can make for global peace and sustainable development. She is a board member of the Asian University for Women, an institution dedicated to the training and empowerment of talented women across developing Asia. She is also involved with Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women initiative, which provides business and management education to women in low income countries around the world.