2012 News Clips

March 9, 2012 In A Changing World, Hope Stands Tall, Gregory Foley
March 26, 2012 Together, a Meaningful Difference, Johnson & Johnson Annual Report
May 14, 2012 Hello Kitty joins world leaders in Time Square in support of UNFPA and the prevention of cervical cancer
June 7, 2012 New Research: Annual Maternal Mortality Declines 47%, Forbes.com
June 2012 Family Planning Summit Could Mark Turning Point for Maternal Health, GuardianNews.com
June 2012 Population Matters: Renewing Commitments for Sustainable Development at Rio+20
June 2012 New Study Finds Little Progress in Meeting Demand for Contraception in the Developing World
July 2012 Friends of UNFPA Signs Declaration Supporting London Family Planning Summit
September 4, 2012 An Issue for Everyone: How the United Nations Population Fund Engages Men in Women’s Empowerment, Roger Nokes


2009 News Clips

March 27, 2009 Africa Steps Up the Fight Against Maternal and Child Deaths, The WIP
April 3, 2009 My Life's Passion, interview with Anika Rahman, Columbia Law School
April 1, 2009 POPULATION: Global Financial Crisis Threatens Family Planning

2008 News Clips

October 12, 2008 A Mother's Final Look at Life: In Impoverished Sierra Leone, Childbirth Carries Deadly Odds, Washington Post
October 8, 2008 Preventing Death from Childbirth, ABC
October 8, 2008 Can This Be Pro-Life?, New York Times
May 20, 2008 Ginger spices up Capitol Hill
February 22, 2008 Washington Post: The Congressman Yields the Floor to Ms. Spice
February 22, 2008 US News: Ginger Spice Makes a Stop on Capitol Hill
February 6, 2008 Idaho Mountain Express: Film to highlight global needs
February 5, 2008 Women in Media and News: Reflections on Bob Herbert’s anti-sexism
January 2008 Marie Claire

2007 News Clips


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