Chairman, The Heinz Endowments and The Heinz Family Philanthropies

Teresa Heinz, Chairman of the Heinz Family Philanthropies and The Heinz Endowments, advances practical and ingenious solutions to environmental crises that threaten women’s health. In both a personal and professional capacity, Mrs. Heinz promotes justice for women at every stage of their lives, all over the world.

Mrs. Heinz was born and raised in Mozambique, where she developed a deep reverence for the natural world. She has sponsored conferences on women’s health and the environment for 15 years, bringing women together with health, environmental and policy experts to discuss environmental impact on their daily lives and encourage wise action.

In her writing and speaking, Mrs. Heinz has championed women’s education around savings and retirement security. Her advocacy on behalf of an overlooked population alerted the public to imbalances in our social and economic system that put elderly women at serious risk. For young people, she has led the charge to improve media and afford greater educational opportunities for all children.

Among many decades of accomplishments and innovations in philanthropy, Mrs. Heinz created the Heinz Awards, an annual program in memory of her late husband, Senator John Heinz, to recognize outstanding vision and achievement in specific areas, recently concentrating on the environment. The awards have immeasurable impact on raising the quality of people’s lives and the environments where they live and work.

Americans for UNFPA is honored to present Teresa Heinz with its Lifetime Achievement Award for her unwavering belief in every woman’s right to advance her position within society, and for the dynamic leadership example she offers all women who seek a life of dignity and harmony with the natural world.